Employee Wellbeing Key to Success

According to a recent report companies are now moving towards being more employee-centric with staff wellbeing becoming a high priority.

The recent Future Workplace report that was commissioned by Unum, the financial protection specialists and published by The Future laboratory, reveals how the workplace is evolving and what employers need to do to successfully manage employee wellbeing over the next 15 years.

The report reveals four areas in which the workplace will change, with British workers seeing the Ageless and Mindful trends as the most important ones for businesses to embrace. These four trends are:

  1. Ageless: a workplace that encourages older workers to remain and not retire.
  2. Mindful: a workplace which nurtures mental health and achieves a work/life balance.
  3. Intuitive: a workplace that uses data and insight on its workers’ and creates an all-encompassing, intelligent and intuitive environment
  4. Collaborative: a workplace that embraces open exchange and not a flat structure.

The report claims that by making changes now to shape their business around the needs of their staff, companies are likely to achieve a significant competitive advantage. By embracing the trends higlighted, it is claimed that employers are likely to benefit from a happier, fitter and more dynamic workforce. This will in turn lead to a more productive and profitable organisation.

Read the full report here.